Condos And The Hidden Value For Money They Provide

Buying a home is not only an emotional purchase but also an investment. Most people tend to look at the value of the land before the purchase of a home. Condominiums are not preferred over single houses because at the end of the day they don’t allow you a title over the land. What prospective buyers tend to forget is that condo units like Corals at Keppel Bay give a richer return on investment. This article will focus on the ways condo units indirectly save money for you making them a better investment than individual homes.

Let’s say after an in-depth research on, a single home is finalized. After moving in, the house will need a number of safety and security measures. Number one would be hiring a private guard to keep vigilance over the high-end home. The next would be installing cameras and motion detectors all along the property. Furthermore, fire alarms and the accoutrements that come with it would need to be put in. All these safety measures require a huge chunk of money.

With condos, the cost to secure your home is not only minimal but also included in the maintenance fees. For homeowners who are single, security becomes an important issue. Condos come with a security guard controlling the main gateway. The second line of defense is the concierge who is always present in the main lobby. The entire community is outfitted with CCTV cameras that are under constant watch by security personnel. When you invest in a condo instead of home, you drastically reduce the cost of keeping yourself protected.
When it comes to fires, condominium buildings are designed not only to withstand fire but also contain them. With modern and the best fire alarms that alert at the first sign of smoke, an owner is unconditionally safe. Each condo unit comes equipped with a separate sprinkler system that gets activated automatically. It ensures that a fire does not spread from one condo to another. In case of emergency, there are hallways and stairways designed in the architecture to take condo owners to safety. These hallways have a separate supply of fresh air to keep them smoke-free.

If a direct connection to the nearest fire station is not enough reason to tempt you to buy a condo, think this. Being social animals means we love to entertain. For small parties, a home is a great venue, but for nights and celebrations for more than fifty people a condo is the best. A single-detached home means for a pool party you have rent a place. The same applies for a significant birthday or anniversary celebration. A ballroom or hall has to be rented.

Condo complexes come with a clubhouse. An owner of any unit has the right to use them. Be it a dinner party on rooftop or movie night with friends. The entertainment facilities are at your beck and call. All these amenities save a lot of money in the long run. With the lobby of condominiums being professionally decorated, they can be used to host business meetings too.

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