8 Steps To Simplify Your Search For A Pallet


A pallet is a horizontal platform used for storing, assembling and shipping goods. They provide additional protection to the products being transported and form a common base for the unit load. It includes the pallet, goods stacked on top, an adhesive used, pallet collar, and stretch wrap. Pallets for sale in Australia differ in dimensions from the ones used in Asia. For a complete guide on pallet ideas and types of pallets, visit www.101pallets.com, and before you know, you might end up with some exciting DIY ideas for kids project.

Choosing A Pallet
Pallets are made from different types of materials like plastic, paper, and metal. Wooden pallets dominate the list and are the preferred choice of material. If you are still holding the wooden pallet in your left hand and the plastic pallet in your right hand, these ideas should answer your queries.

Know The Differences
A wooden pallet is durable, cost-effective, and strong. They can be easily recycled, and you can manufacture your choice of pallet size from timber. It is a known fact that wood releases moisture, bears tiny splinters, houses bugs, and consists of holders that can cause damage to the product.

Be prepared to spend extra money on a plastic pallet as they are highly valued for features like durability, ease of sanitation, and weather-resistance. There are no fasteners or clips in them which means your product is shipped safely without any damage. These pallets have fire safety ratings and cannot be repaired once they wear off.

Industry Used
You are most likely to find plastic pallets in closed-loop industries like dairy and pharmaceutical. Here, the manufacturer merges all supply chain activities to leverage business. It is obvious that the plastic pallets will be returned to the owner after use.

Weight Of The Products
Use plastic pallets if you want to ship products that weigh less than thousand five hundred pounds or less. Wooden pallets are ideal if you wish to transfer heavy products like an automobile.

Analyze The SCM System
Supply chain management in an open-loop system can consider the idea of hiring a third person or party if there is no guarantee that you will get your wooden pallet back. Plastics, on the other hand, are returned to the warehouse. If you are dissatisfied with the return rate, consider revision of the existing pallet system in your warehouse.

Effect On Environment
Wooden pallets are recyclable since they are manufactured from natural resources. If you use plastic pallets, remember that they have a long life and they have to be melted if you want to recycle them. Once they are damaged, it is difficult to repair them.

Fragility Of The Products
Most of the wooden pallets have sharp clips or pins that act as fasteners. If you are transporting cans or other delicate items, the pins can come off and can cause irreversible damages.

Dual Role Of Pallets
Plastic pallets are used in the electronics industry, and they double as a display unit before they are packed and returned.

Weigh Tradeoffs
If you plan to ship fragile items, weigh the trade-offs. Would you pay for an expensive wooden pallet or bear the ire of unhappy customers?

Our Verdict
Before you transport your goods, look at the available options to ascertain if the choice of a pallet is right.